I find it humorously ironic that I have to introduce myself as a writer with the very thing I am most nervous about writing: my own bio. The Universe is always at play, I suppose. In that spirit, I’ll try to do this without too much pretense.

I love to write about my passions: Black wellness, womanhood, consciousness, and culture. A seeker by nature, I am on my own journey with each of these identity concepts. Whether telling stories, spreading research, or sharing my perspectives, examining this subject matter is my way of contributing to our collective progress.

Here are a few examples of the writing that I love to do.

Self-care Is Community Care (For Harriet)

Review: Annex Dance’s ‘Trinity’ References City’s Sacred Symbolism (The Post and Courier)

Taking Back Our Bodies (The Body Temple)

These samples showcase my voice and some of my favorite subject matter. (To see more of my writing, take a look at my blog.) However, my skills are broad. Much of my work as a writer has revolved around creating blogs and web content for clients in various industries. It was in this arena that I gained experienced in writing SEO-friendly marketing copy, social media posts, etc. I’ve worked with small businesses and nonprofits in everything from self-development to real estate. If you’re interesting in learning more about my work as a marketing blogger or copy writer, don’t hesitate to reach out via email to crhchandler@gmail.com.