I live by the adage that a healer is one who heals herself. In that sense, healing has been and will continue to be a life-long process. My interest in the body, mind, spirit, nature, and the holistic therapies based on the connection between them, began early. The first memories I have of my fascination with healing are from around age 7. I was born to do this work.

When I was in my early twenties, my interest in healing became professional. I was certified as a massage therapist in 2008, and have been expanding my skill set ever since. My current modalities include Reiki, ritual dance, Chakra Balancing, and meditation, to name a few. I provide individual sessions, workshops, and advocacy through my wellness community The Body Temple.

I am also a student of nature, soul, universal energy, and healing archetypes. This has led me to explore herbalism, astrology, tarot, and African Diaspora-based wisdom systems.

I currently offer distance Reiki and Chakra Balancing sessions on an ongoing basis. I also provide Sacred Ritual Dance workshops for women, based on North African “belly dance” techniques. For more information, visit The Body Temple, or reach out via carmen.thebodytemple@gmail.com.